Tuesday 16th Jan 2018

Another day at work today, we were busy… the phones didn’t stop ringing.

Lunch seem to come around quick, as the morning fast because we were busy. At lunch time i had no idea what to have thankful my husband works across the road from me so i set off to see what he had for my lunch and that may give me some ideas, turns out he had pizza for lunch and that what i ended up having for lunch as well.

The afternoon started to drag and went a bit slower than the morning did, but finally it was 5pm and it was home time.

The husband finished at 3pm today which meant he was home when i finished work. 🙂

Got home and had a play with my fur babies

  • English Staffy
  • American Staffy ( Pittbull)
  • Labrador

They are my life and are my babies as we don’t have any real babies of our own yet……

Once i finished playing with my fur babies it was time for a shower and then to catch you all up on my day.

Now time to have dinner and relax.

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