Weekend 13th & 14th Jan 2018

This weekend my amazing husband didn’t have to work and we got to spend the weekend together.


Started with a sleep in on saturday, once we were up we headed over to our local shopping centre to go food shopping. when trying to find a park it was very busy and with that my husband told me how far i could go into a park as the car in front of me was over the line, when seeing how far the car was over the line.

i took photos of the car’s license plate and how far the car was over the line, when returning to the car about 1hr later there was a note on my window “Thanks for hitting my car with your winch much appreciated”, as i had taken photo because this is something that happens in my town a lot unfortunately.

With the new note that had been left on my car i head to our local Police station as i didn’t want our local police knock on our door for something that didnt happen, thankful our local police agreed with me that i was in the wrong.

finally on our way home…

My husbands work occupation is very busy over the Christmas period therefore they always have their Christmas party in January and on Saturday they had their Christmas party, with lots of laughs and drinks for everyone else (as i don’t drink).



After a very good night before we had an amazing sleep in until about 11am, even though we were awake we didn’t get out of bed until 3pm.

When we got out of bed we mowed our lawn and completed our weekly washing, changed the sheets on our bed… just every Sunday house work.


Such a great weekend, spending time with my husband and relaxing around the house which isn’t something that happens often.

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