Eventful week

This week started off slow just a normal week, until my husband decided he wanted to buy a swag to go camping this weekend for Australia day long weekend.

After finding swag we wanted and look online. I thought i would ring the company to find out about shipping to be told that it wouldn’t be here for a week and half.

We found where the closest shop is, which is 2and half hours away. We asked my husband grandparents to go for a drive for us which they love to get out of the house and do things for others.

As we had plan to go out to dinner last night (Tuesday 23.01.2018) to a new burrito bar that just opened up in town, i received a phone call from my dad saying he had to go into emergency and if i could look after my sister and brother.

I picked them up from emergency depart and went home to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was my husband, his mum and grandparents, my brother, sister and i, and dinner was amazing.

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