Husband Accident 07.02.2018

So my husband is a butcher by trade and wears what they call a “kit” that sits on the side on their leg that holds their knives, on the 7th Feb 2018 at about 4:30pm i get a text message from my husband saying ive cut myself at work.

I started stress out with his trade hearing those words i freak out. Worrying for his welfare and safety, i called him right away asking for had happen… he missed his “kit” and put his knife into his leg.

All he could say was its not that had and ive glue it together (medical glue).

After i told him not to do anything, i finally convinced him to go up to the ER, and the doctor gave him local anaesthetic and the doctor cutting out the glue, 3 stitches later and a tetanus needle we left the hospital.

He thought he had it all sorted, thank god i made him go to the ER.

Photos: when he first go stitches and 24hrs later.

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